What's around Donnalucata: Scicli, Modica, Ragusa

Donnalucata worry, on the sea, a 8 kilometers from Scicli.

It is the perfect base for a stay – magical, single – a few steps from the sea and the splendor of Scicli, Modica, Ragusa. But Noto and Syracuse. Each can be reached quickly by car.

Donnalucata - What to see

Village of ancient origins, his name may derive from Arabic “Kat Ainlu”, that is spring of hours, which refers to a source that, according to an Arab observer, emitting water intermittently and only during the hours of Muslim prayer. Some historians trace it back to a miraculous apparition of Our Lady took place in 1091 when the Arabs, to command Emir Belcane, They landed on the coast, perhaps for retrying a conquest of Sicily now dominated by Normans; On that occasion the sciclitani asked the help of the Virgin Mary that appeared cloaked in light, “donnalucata”, hence the name of the city.

Daily excursions naturalistic, You can be made with:

The river mouth Irminio (see two pictures side), “Nature Reserve” regional, a few km away.
Oasis of Vendicari, distant km 50.
Etna Park distant km 110.

Even the island of Malta You can be reached by a crossing of 90 min., catamaran, departing from the port of Pozzallo.

In the area there is a wealth of art and culture with superb baroque testimonies.
The towns of Scicli, Modica and Ragusa, which is only a few kilometers, They have been included, indeed, Unesco, in “World Heritage list” for their valuable artistic heritage.

The city tour can begin with the visit of the Basilica of San Giorgio impressive example of Sicilian Baroque.
completed in 1775 by Rosario Gagliardi, It presents an elaborate facade divided into three parts by columns and decorative motifs era. The middle, long and narrow, It ended by a high dome nineteenth century more than 40 meters, supported by 16 colonne binate.
(20 km from Ragusa; 50.000 inhabitants) It is among the most picturesque cities of the province and of all Sicily.
E’ It located in the southern area of ​​the Iblei Mountains and is divided into two areas: Modica, whose buildings almost climb the mountain rocks, and Modica Bassa, Down in the valley, where once two rivers flowed Ianni Mauro and Pozzo dei Pruni, then covered because of several floods.
(24 km from Ragusa; 25 255 inhabitants; 106 m s.l.m.).
Scicli is an elegant town situated in a broad valley between rocky hills, at the confluence of three valleys: to S. Bartolomeo, to S. Maria La Nuova and Fiumara di Modica.
The eighteenth century aspect of the city, It is a consequence of a terrible earthquake of 1693.
In a region with an abundance of olive and almond trees, Noto is a small baroque jewel perched on a plateau overlooking the valley Asinaro, its citrus plantations. Its beauty, so harmonious that it seems a fiction, the scene of a theater, It born from a tragic event: the earthquake in 1693, which in this part of Sicily he brought death, destruction, but gave impetus to reconstruction. Before that the city stood at 10 km away.